How did we come together? 

It began with a cup of coffee, a young child and faith in knowing we could make a difference and inspire change...

Simply Good Form Consultancy is a labour of love and a commitment for inclusion.

It began as blog and then a need to do more. 

We formerly established in early 2019 and haven't stopped since. Through lived experience and unique skill sets, our team is about championing policies for inclusion and inspiring diversity awareness and acceptance through support and educational programs; including helping community members navigate their way successfully to the correct supports around issues of gender diversity and sexual orientation.

We are based in Halifax, the South Shore and Truro in Nova Scotia and also Newfoundland.

Our certified programs are worldwide.

Cynthia Sweeney Bio

Cynthia Sweeney (She/Her)

It boils down to human rights and global citizenship. They are the founding principals of Simply Good Form. My passion for communication and navigational expertise are focused on beyond binary inclusion and space for everyone. 

As a former journalist, I recognize accurate, detailed and fact-based information is critical in today's sea of murky misinformation-overload.

I am a cisgender parent and proud ally, ferociously supporting trans and non-binary children and youth. Drawing from lived experience, non-profit work and inclusivity professional training; I recognize thoughtful conversations and dynamic action are fundamental starting blocks for inspiring the change necessary for an inclusive society. 

With 20+ years experience working in client service and consulting, I work with administrations, service providers and practitioners to ensure your service delivery is inclusive, free from unchecked bias and culturally competent. 

I am a Chapter Leader with Pflag Halifax and a WPATH certified navigator (World Professional Association of Transgender Health). Having earned two degrees; Journalism and Arts, I also hold certificates in Gender and Sexuality Support for Trans Youth and their Families and Gender and Sexuality Applications in Society. I'm also super excited to be entering into my second year serving as a Board Director with PRIDE Lunenburg!

Isaac Cook Bio

Isaac Cook (He/Them)

Isaac (He/They) is a Trans, Queer, Non-Binary person currently living within Halifax, Nova Scotia.

With experience in various fields, including Science Communications, Hospitality and Public Relations he brings a diverse background of both professional and personal experience to the team. 

Isaac is a Co-Facilitator with Pflag Halifax and volunteers their time regularly to support the community.

During his time growing up in Truro, Nova Scotia, Isaac facilitated and supported his high school's Gender Sexuality Alliance and the local LGBTQ+ community.

During this time he has also been featured on CBC Radio and in the Truro Daily News, sharing his own stories and experiences growing up as transgender person.

Although he has been away from his hometown for 4 years, he continues to return every year to teach students at Redcliffe Middle School during their Personal Development Classes about the community and continues to support LGBTQ+ youth, adults and families all throughout the globe.

Isaac will graduate in early 2021 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Linguistics and Criminology from Saint Mary’s University.

Kaylee Fox Bio

Kaylee Fox (She/Her)

Kaylee (She/Her) is a trans activist and trans feminist. Residing in her home province of Newfoundland, Kaylee continues her advocacy and support services as a member of our inclusion team.

She has provided peer support to trans individuals in Nova Scotia and shares her lived and professional experience to advocate for inclusive and safe spaces.

"I love the work I'm doing because it's paving the way for trans and non-binary youth who are coming up behind me and inspiring a safer world for them."

Kaylee Fox was the Parade Marshall for Pflag Halifax during PRIDE Halifax 2019 and volunteered with Pflag Halifax.

BriAnna Simons Bio

BriAnna Simons (She/Her)

BriAnna Simons. BriAnna Simons, B.S.W., M.S.W., R.S.W. is a Clinical Social Worker with a passion for helping children and families improve their emotional health and strengthen relationships. BriAnna joins our Inclusion Team as an informed and engaging educator around working with children and families who identify as transgender, gender non-conforming/gender creative, or non-binary.

Her advocacy endeavours in the community, to bring awareness, support, and affirmation to transgender children and youth, along with her specialized training through the Canadian Association for Child and Play Therapy and incorporating Child and Play Based Therapies as her primary area of practice make her a valuable member of our team. 

BriAnna’s clinical social work practice is governed by the Canadian Association of Social Workers and the Nova Scotia College of Social Workers.

BriAnna also proudly serves as a Board Director with PRIDE Lunenburg!

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